You came into my crazy world like a cool and cleansing wave. Before I knew what hit me baby you were flowing through my veins…

Totally love the new Avicci song “Addicted to you” so while I write up todays blog I’m listening to it non stop :)

As for my look I decided to go with some favorite new releases and keep it simple and casual!
Happy Shopping!

Ohhh before I forget, is having a HUGE SALE on shoes!
Don’t miss it!

Hair: Baby I’ll rule – Exile (Kavar Cleanslate) *NEW
Skin: Jade LOVE – PXL (Hart Larsson) *NEW gift for VIP-members
Eyes: Promise dew – IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Top: Nick blouse – Overhigh (Marry Lemur) *NEW
Necklace: Valentine – Izzie’s (Izzie Button) *NEW
Jeans: Marly Bellbottoms – Moon (Silent Acoustic) *NEW @ Chapter Four
Ginger black – Nyte ‘n Day (Nyte Caligari) 
Bag: Messenger leather – ANE (Anemysk Karu) *NEW @ Chapter Four
Shoes: Lizzie slippers – (Darling Monday) *NEW @ Seraphim
Puppy: Boston buddy – Birdy (Nina Helix) *NEW @ The Mens Dept
Poses: Neva – Imeka (NatiWilliams) *NEW @ Chapter Four
Location: Cantrip De Savor

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Izzie Bizzie pretty!! i love the red accents
Kaelyn Alecto IzzieButton: thanks twinnie! <3

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