Where Do We Go From Here

“A pretty picture paints a thousand words
I looked at yours today
It’s been awhile
The dust has long set in
But you still look the same
Where do we go from here”

More items from The Mens Dept.

Credits on Maxx:
Skin: Prince (11) – The Shops (theskinshop)
Facial Hair: Stubble – The Shops (theskinshop)
Hat: Leather Trapper Hat (Caramel) – =Zenith= (Miffyhoi Rosca) *NEW*at The Mens Dept.
Hands: Male AvEnhance Mesh Hands (Relaxed) – Slink (Siddean Munro)
Jacket: Leather Panel Hoodie (Maroon) – ISON MAN (Harry Hyx) *NEW* at The Mens Dept.
Pants: Casual Jeans M2 – Kal Rau (Kal Rau)
Shoes: Sentier Boots – Entente (baudouin)
Backpack: SK8 Bag – Aitui (Jesseaitui Petion) *NEW* at The Mens Dept.
Glasses: Teflon (Original) Sunglasses – S O R G O (Arscene Dubrovna) *NEW* at The Mens Dept.
Book: Molskin Notebook – oyasumi (Kenzo Gateaux)
Decoration: Wanderlust Collection – [Consignment] (Wavie Haller) *NEW* at The Mens Dept.

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