The Writer’s Block – Running up that hill

This is part three (and final part) of our story for Chapter 1 of The Writer’s Block challenge.
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With sweaty palms I entered the building. I smiled at the lady behind the reception and told her who I was and what I was here for. She asked me to take a seat and told me her boss would be ready to see me in a couple of minutes.

I felt so silly being this nervous. I was so curious to see him again after so long and than again I badly wanted to keep my cool and get this job.

A door went open and there he was… Damn he was looking amazing, he walked up to the reception and handed over some paperwork. He noticed me sitting there and flashed me a smile. He made a gesture for me to come and follow him into his office.  I took a deep breath, ok here we go!

As I took a seat across from him, I noticed he seemed to be nervous just like me. It was hard to look at him without blushing, I could just drown in those eyes and damn that smile….   He broke the ice telling me, how nice it was to see me again after all these years and how I was still looking  just as beautiful as I did back in High School.  We kept on talking , and completely lost track of time. He noticed it was getting so late and apologised taking so much of my time.  He offered to take me out to dinner to continue catching up and celebrate the fact that he just found the best assistant he could have wished for.

I gladly took up his offer and it turned out to be a perfect dinner…

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