That’s what friends are for <3

This post is a dedication to friendships because I feel truly lucky and blessed to have such amazing friends in life! I found this image on plurk the other day that I just have to share with all of you. I did not make it myself so can’t take credit but we all need to see and think about this every now and then so we can really count our blessings!

Lately I have been trying out the UBER cute PJ’s from with some of my amazing friends and I did some pics in photoshop.
The super fun poses are from Purple Poses! <3
(Click the  pics for extra credit info)

We all need to have more fun in life! So why not grab one of the MANY cute cute looks and take a fun picture yourself?  :)
Taxi to :

Many many thanks to my amazing friends Lara, Ruby & Tristan for doing these pics with me!

I <3 you!

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