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If you haven’t been to the Chapter Four event, I advice you to go and check it out!

So many amazing items up to grab for a total bargain.

One of my favorites at this round has got to be the beautiful Amaterasu skin from Essences.
Many amazing make-ups to collect in the gacha machine!  Get them all, they are gorgeous!


Headpiece:  Not headband gacha RARE – C’est la vie (Larcoco Mathy) *NEW @ Chapter Four
Hair:  Aria 2 (variety) – Truth (Truth Hawks)
Skin: Amaterasu- Essences (Inka Mexicola) *NEW @ Chapter Four
Eyes:  Destiny hazel (xs) – IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Moles: Kaelyn – Izzie’s (Izzie Button)
Necklace:  Shard Pendant – LEONARD (Lady Leonard) *NEW @ Chapter Four
Cardigan: Simple plain red – So Many Styles (Irie Campese) *NEW @ Chapter Four
Top: Intrinsinc tank browns – JANE (Janie Marlowe) 
Skirt: Denim skirt – Tokame (Kamelia Snowfield) *NEW @ Chapter Four
Tights: Dot-ted after caramel – Vive 9 (Sanya Bilavio) – no longer for sale :(
Socks: Scrunched prim socks – Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Shoes: Moccasins flower/brown – ATTIC (Citta Wiskee) *NEW @ Chapter Four

Decoration: nostalgia gacha – IONIC (lakua Arriaga) *NEW @ Chapter Four

We should all smile more often!

Another blogger challenge is going around, it’s called “Burst out of your bubble”. The idea of this challenge is for newer and older bloggers to get together and join eachother for a post and learn from eachother 😀

If you’re to shy to approach another blogger but would LOVE to join in this challenge be sure to contact Skylar Coeur in world. She will try match you with another blogger :)

I got together with the amazing Qopi, I always admire her great sense of styling and her avatar is just simply adorable.

She usually takes her pics in a studio in front of a white screen but for the occasion she wanted to take pics on my sim “It all starts with a smile”.

Be sure to follow Qopi on her blog:

Credits on Qopi (left):
Hair: Video games – Truth (Truth Hawks) *NEW @ The Arcade
Skin: Kate – The Skinnery (Umazuma Metaluna) *NEW @ The Arcade
Top: Olivia blouse – Decoy (Annette Voight) *NEW @ Collabor 88
Pants: Elle jeans – Elate! (Kellie Iwish) *NEW @ Collabor 88
Heels: Coquette zebra – N-core (Claire Messenger)
Pose: New Romance – Marukin (Valencia Southard) *NEW@ Collabor 88

Credits on Kaelyn (right):
Hair:  Flora (citrine) – D!va (Marisa Kira) *NEW @ Collabor 88
Skin: Amberly (jamaica) – Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) *NEWish
Eyes: Horizon v2 pale verdigris – IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Freckles: Fullbody – PXL (Hart Larsson)
Moles: Geanna – Izzie’s (Izzie Button)
Top: New Romance wrap bloue (peach) – The Sea Hole (Drinkinstein Sorbet) *NEW @ Collabor 88
Skirt: Summer of stripes (gray) Surf Couture (Emma Gilmour)
Tights: Waffle knit (gray) – Jane (Janie Marlow)
Boots: Long cuff Will (Peach) – GField (Cerberus Noel)
Hands: Female mesh (fatpack) – Slink (Siddean Munro)
Earrings: Isabella pale silver – LaGyo (Gyorgyna Larnia) *NEW @ Collabor 88
Necklace: Isabella pale silver – LaGyo (Gyorgyna Larnia) *NEW @ Collabor 88
Ring: Isabella pale silver – LaGyo (Gyorgyna Larna) *NEW @ Collabor 88
Bangles: Angular silver – Izzie’s (Izzie Button)
Bag: owl gray – TokiDoki (Maya Levane)
Pose: Pencil skirt 5 – Izzie’s (Izzie Button)

Location: It all starts with a smile


“It only takes a split second to smile and forget, yet to someone that needed it, it can last a lifetime. We should all smile more often.” 
? Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. – Plutarch

Winter, cold, snow, 5 layers of clothing and still being cold… DONE! I am sooooo done with it! I can’t wait for spring! You know, cute little baby animals, beautiful flowers and some freaking SUNSHINE…

There’s NO way I am going outside with this crazy weather unless I absolutely have to!
I figured to just go nuts on my SL home instead. Some new deco, furnitures, just basicly anything to keep me from having to go out in the cold.
Before actual decorating can be done I had to decide on the colors of the walls. I pulled out my laptop to look for inspiration.

Some of my favorite sites to get inspiration from are: Casa de Smurf,  How Neva sees itPrim Game ProperPrecious TreasuresRezzing Dreams & Different Vibes

With all this new found inspiration I was filled with ideas but I figured I might need some help to get started.  Just like in RL, I basicly have two left hands and I usually just flash a smile and pull out my best puppyeye-look and help is on the way!

Lucky for me, my friend Arun Batra was totally bored and offered to come help me get started on some painting.

He started to prepare the paint while I just hopped on the ladder and tried my best not to drop paint on top of his head… *grins*

We put on some tunes and were off to a great start!

But Tya Fallingbridge kinda made this ladder prop for just ONE person to pose ehm I mean paint with…

All it took was one sudden move and then we just sort of lost our balance….

I figured it was time for a break and pulled out the laptop again to check my mail and update my plurk. Arun tried his best to peek at my Private messages…. but FAIL! Nice try! 😉

Thanks Arun for helping me out! I can’t wait for the paint to dry and start decorating!  It was fun having you around!

Credits on Arun:
Hair: Johan – Atro Patena (MechuL Actor)
Skin: Dylan (dark tan) – Belleza (Tricky Boucher) 
Eyes: Utopia deep hazel – IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Shirt: Rolled sleeve (painted) – Kracker (Cody Zaytsev)
Paints: Melly  jeans – Spirit store (Spirit Osmus)
Shoes: Classic sneakers (grey) – Redgrave (Emilia Redgrave)

Credits on me:
Hair: Lavinia (fades – toast) – Truth (Truth Hawks) *NEW
Skin: Ava (medium) – Belleza (Tricky Boucher) *NEW
Eyes: Horizon pale verdigris – IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Tanktop: Intrinsic gold – Jane (Janie Marlow)
Open shirt: Painty – Kauna (Ross Myhre)
Jeans: Distressed (light) – Zaara (Zaara Kohime)
Shoes: come with the DIY painter prop – Pixel Mode (Tya Fallingbridge) *NEW
Hands: Female mesh (fatpack) – Slink (Siddean Munro)

Paintdeco and poses: DIY Painter Props & Poses set – Pixel Mode (Tya Fallingbridge) *NEW

***note we used two props rezzed on top of eachother to make it possible for two avatars to pose! 

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