IKON Spectral mesh eyes

It finally happened, my favorite eye brand IKON, has made mesh eyes!  You can get them now at FaMeshed! There’s soooo many colors but I figured I’d show you some of my favorites.

The pics below are raw shots taken in SL on low settings to give you the most realistic look.
You can see that they look amazing!

The hud gives you various options, you can add glow, change the size or the position of the eyes.

My hair (with dress) is from EXILE and you can get it at The Arcade, my beautiful skin is Jade from PXL and the freckles come with it. My eyeliner comes from the Kaelyn line at Izzie’s and so do my moles.

Now head on over to FaMeshed to grab some of these gorgeous eyes!

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Mochi Love IKON eyes! The detail is insaannneeee
Kaelyn Alecto Mochimochi: Yesss they are so beautiful! ♥

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