Ohai thank you so much for taking the time to actually read this page on my blog!

This blog is all about the things I love in the wonderful pixel world we call Second Life.  So my policy is simple,  I accept review copies but will only blog the things I love and think fit either my mood or the theme of my pictures.

Designers please note that due to RL being crazy or an explosions of events all happening I may not always know how to keep up with reviewing all the amazing gifts you have or want to share with me. I do so much appreciate the overwhelming support some of you have shown me, so I will keep on trying to feature my favorite pieces here on this blog.

For anything related to review copies, or any questions concerning my blog please either contact me by e-mail kaelynalecto@hotmail.com or send me a notecard in world: Kaelyn Alecto.  If you see me online feel free to send me a message.

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