Fireflies & lights

The Garden, The Boutique, and Poser Pavilion are back for a great round! This month’s theme is Northern Lights!

Wetcat has two wonderfull releases out at the Poser Pavilion and I’m so excited to show you!
First let me tell you about the swing prop! This pose prop comes with working lights, four super sweet couple poses and 4 single poses. All poses can be easily adjusted.

The second release is a super cute couple pose that comes with little mesh lights. Maxx and I both loved this pose so much that we each took our own pic of it and I’m gonna show you both versions.

Rush on over to The GardenThe Boutique, and Poser Pavilion  and see these and many other wonderful new releases!

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ConfuZee Say, So sweeet
Kaelyn Alecto ZeeZuleicca: thank you!!
Billy always so cute together
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Kaelyn Alecto samlaszlo: thanks mopje!
Harlow cuteee!
тнσяη wowww
Izzie Bizzie you are so cute!!! <3


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