So I did these pics a while ago to show of my new sneakers from 2REAL.  I am not used to this whole blogging thing much yet so it’s posted a bit later than originally planned. But here’s my pics and the matching credits! If you have not already, go check out 2REAL! This store has awesome sneakers and the are unisex!

Hat: Project Knit Cap LB – NERD (store closed)  :(
Skin: Ryan (tone 6) – Tableau Vivant (M4ri1yn Magic)
 Thermal Underwear (black) – Sleepy Eddy (Metro Moonwall)
Pants: Tweed Tuck Pants (grey) –Tram (moca Loup)
Shoes: Cuttlerz – 2Real (2REAL Okelli)
Ring: Adain Ring (brass) – KOSH (Lynaja Bade) *NEW @ Mens Department

Build: Yesterday House – *bbqq* (omiluo) 

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