Bazar & World of Wood – Christmas Photo Contest

Attention all home & deco lovers in SL!  

25th November 2012-25th December 2012


We are happy to present the first photo contest for all ~BAZAR~ and World Of Wood customers. We love to make furniture and houses which you will enjoy and now we would like to see how you decorated your homes or your land with our products. And to show you how much we appreciate your support we are giving a very special prize: The one and only unique item (or a set of items) from both of our stores. This items will be given only to the winner of the contest and will never be sold or given in world nor on the Marketplace.

The concept is simple: take a photo of your home decorated with ~BAZAR~ and (or) World Of Wood products and place it on our contest boards. You enter the contest for free and have other residents vote for your photo (also free). The voters can vote only one time per photo. The contestant with the most votes till the end of the contest wins the special prize. Second and third place wins L$ prizes.

The official beginning of the contest is 25th of November 2012 at 9 AM Sl time. From that moment the contestants can enter the competition. Voting will also start at the same day and the same time. The deadline to enter the competition is 15th of December 9AM Sl time. After that only the voting continues. The contest ends 25th of December at 6 AM Sl time. Winners will be announced right after that and will be presented with their prizes.

All photos which the contestants submit must show ~BAZAR~ or (and) World of Wood products. The photos do not have to be Christmas themed. That is all up to the contestants and their creativity. We ask that the photos do not exceed dimensions of 512×512 to prevent lag.

We also ask our contestants to send a copy of the photo named “Your avatar name”-CHRISTMAS PHOTO CONTEST to Ria Bazar or Kosmicki Resident.


1st PRIZE : A unique, original item (or set of items) from both ~BAZAR~ and World Of Wood which will never be sold or given in world nor on the Marketplace. The prize will be showcased during the competition

2nd PRIZE : 5000 L$

3rd PRIZE : 2500 L$


Ria Bazar ~BAZAR~ Quality homes and furniture
Kosmicki Resident “World Of Wood”

~BAZAR~ Quality homes and furniture (this is where the contest boards will be)

World of Wood