Fangirling Skip <3

Today’s prompt over at SL Blogger Support  is “I’m a Fangirl / Fanboy”.

I was brainstorming with Maci Restless about a joined blogpost when I noticed my friend Skip Staheli sign on!  If there’s anyone in SL I truly admire or would fangirl over, it would be him!

What I love most in SL is taking pics and his pictures are just so amazing! His  works are a true inspiration! If you’ve been hiding under a rock and have no clue who Skip Staheli is be sure to read my previous blogpost about him here!  Also check out his amazing Flickr stream!

Maci confessed fangirling over him too…

I did remember he once told me if I ever needed a model I could always ask…
We made sure we looked gorgeous enough to make it hard for him to say no and it worked!

The second he tp-ed in we sort of just jumped him and grabbed on tight to his arms so he couldn’t escape and was forced to be our model 😉

We thought he was being the perfect gentleman putting up with two crazy girls snapping away… Until he mentioned we both forgot to wear underwear! o.O

So we obviously had to proof wearing underwear! Mr. Staheli didn’t really seem to mind!

My mind is a bit blurry from trying to focus while taking that last picture but I will try give you some credits here anyway.

Maci and I are both wearing Josie hair by Truth (Truth Hawks). We went shopping at Celoe (ShaySibrian)and grabbed these NEW dresses that have recently been released for the new Fall/Winter collection. We got the NEW necklaces from Izzie’s (Izzie Button). They are so cute and you can make them fit any outfit because the necklace is colorchange! <3

Skip came in wearing some clothing from Kauna (Ross Myhre) and a necklace/tie from Mandala (kikunosuke Eel).