To the rescue!

It was a peaceful night and a young couple was enjoying their date. From their table they had a great view outside. That’s when they saw him… He was watching them from across the street and as they noticed him watching he started walking towards them, never breaking eye-contact.

The couple got a bit nervous, not knowing what to do… Should they make a run for it?  It was to late! Before they knew it he was right there in front of them.

They looked at him in terror! He was so scary… what did he want?

He had his mind set on the pretty blonde and without a word he pushed her boyfriend to the ground and grabbed her…  She screamed loud as he made a run for it with her hanging over his shoulder…

Luckly two sexy superheroes were just outside their favorite store and they heard the pretty blonde screaming for help…

They rushed to the scene to help the poor girl!

Damn this villan was strong…   He kept going and going in the fight, there had to be another way to stop him.

Super Amy came up with a plan….

She ran around the scene and flew up high to prepare for an attack…

As the scary villan was being distracted watching the sexy Super Hero do some sexy moves,  Super Amy was able to sneak up on him from behind…

And while Super Amy had lots of fun kicking the villans ass… the young couple found their way back into eachothers arms. And oh well someone had to watch over the sexy car! 😉


Special thanks to  Monroe Jigsaw,  Siobhin Shippe, Amytheyst Beebe, & Maxxster Resident for making these pictures possible! This was so much fun (and so much work) to do!  <3

For credits on these awesome people be sure to stalk them in world and ask them ANYTHING 😉 They will love that!

Credits on the blonde super hero:
Hair: Kat – Mina (Mina Nakamura) *NEW @ CINEMA (only open for a few more hours HURRY!!!!!)
Skin: Kate – PXL (Hart Larsson)
Eyes: Horizon pale green – IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Outfit: CS Hope power – Nanai (Anders Mistwallow)
Scarfs: Editioral – Lelutka (Thora Charron)
Boots:  Tall Leather Thigh- Slink (Siddean Munro)

Amazing poses used are from eXpression and available at CINEMA! Rush over to grab them before the event closes at midnight!
(there’s been a few other poses used to complete the scenes but in the heat of the moments the names slipped my mind FORGIVE ME!) 

Awesome location we used was CYBERCITY, this awesome RP sim was perfect since it has rezrights! :)