With a lot of bullshit going on in both RL & SL it was about time I went out and had some fun! So I dragged my friend Amytheyst Beebe out for some rocking!  We got all dressed up as hot sexy rockstars!  Only took us a few hours to end up wearing close to nothing!

Alcohol and handsome guys cheering us on got us going! We were on fire!

But after a few hours  jumping around on our brand new heels, our feet hurt so we enjoyed  more alcohol and hilarious drunk chats…  Just what we needed!   I won’t mention how we felt the next morning but oh well….

Thank you Amy, I think the words: “YOU ROCK!” are surely an understatement here! 😉 <3

Credits on Amy:
Hair:  Uma (fades lava) – Truth *NEW (Truth Hawks)
Skin: Isla (sunkissed) – League (Nena Janus)
Eyeliner: Liner 1 – Belleza (Shyla Diggs)
Lashes: 38- Classy – Redgrave (Viola Leigh)
Top: Leopard’s Rage-Blood – [AddiCt] (Kianna Noel)
Pants: Zoey leather black – Erratic (Erratic Rain)
Heels:  Studded booties (cherry) – Slink *NEW (Siddean Munro)
Rings:  Fleur De Lis – Skull  (glass) – MG (Maxi Gossamer)
Nails:  Dark Nail Pack – RezIpsa Loc (Rezipsa Luckstone)
Bracelet: Nornir – Rozoregalia (Rozoregalia Braveheart)
Tattoo:  Sankofa  – Aitui (Jesseaitui Petion)

Credits on me:
Hair: Demi (browns) – Truth *NEW (Truth Hawks)
Skin: Faith (lt) with cateyes & red lips – PXL *NEW (Hart Larsson)
Eyes: Horizon pale verdigris – IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Top/Bra: Glam rock suit – Gizza *LIMITED BAZAR (Giz Seorn)
Pants: Biker pants black – [CIA Designs] *LIMITED BAZAR (Ayla Stradling)
Heels: Studded booties (onyx) – Slink *NEW (Siddean Munro)
Tattoo: Sweet Sexy Crazy – present made by  Franz Valeur <3
Earrings: Guitar – Izzie’s *PERFECT WARDROBE (Izzie Button)

Scene: So Amped – Juxtapose  (Rain Laval)
Beer bottles: HIS beer Phatpack – HISposes (Sixx Yangz)
Ashtray: Ashtray Set – Dirty Deeds (Cimone Blackburn)
Absinthe Bottle: Green Fairy Absinthe – (:amuse:) (Amusebouche Resident)
Moonshine Bottle:  Moonshine – (:amuse:) (Amusebouche Resident)
Poses in first picture: Heartbreaker – Adorkable poses *NEW (Adorkable Peapod)
Poses in 2nd & 3rd picture: Stand up & shout – Bent *NEW (Catherine Fairport)
Poses in 4th picture: Downlow – Wetcat *NEW (wetcat Flux) 



So PXL owner, Hart Larsson has been on a roll lately releasing new goods for us :)  He jumped on the Gacha train this time and put up 8 female & 8 male skins for us to play with :)

So ehm I played with them! 😉

 Special thank you to my friend Siobhin Shippe, who agreed to pose with me in her newest made male shape: Winter.
The shape is pretty damn hot and you can find it at her store The WaxworX. Be sure to check out her great male & female shapes!

Now rush on over to PXL to collect all the skins!

Credits on Siob:
Hair: Rush Meteor – Uncleweb Studio (Din Raymaker)
Skin: Daniel (gacha red) – PXL *NEW (Hart Larsson)
Sunrise black – IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Boxers: Marketplace freebie 

Credits on me:
Hair: Spark – Elikatira (Elika Tiramisu)
Skin: Gaia (Gacha vintage) – PXL *NEW (Hart Larsson)
Lingerie: Mademoiselle red – Izzie’s (Izzie Button)
Feet: Bare foot tip toe – Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)

Scene: 7 sins LUST – Tableau Viviant (M4ri1yn Magic)

Poses: Calming effect & Pedestal – !Bang (Trieste Minuet)

Al Vulo – Livia

I know it’s been a while since I did an actual skin review.  There’s been so many amazing new skin releases and I just don’t have much time to blog lately. My RL is a bit overwhelming but I love my blog for being some sort of a distraction so I’ll try keep up.

With that said, I’d like to show you the newest skin from Al Vulo.  Sweet Hlin Bluebird created a gorgeous new face. There’s 12 gorgeous make-ups on the skins, extra brow layers and a set of eyeliners. You also get mesh lashes and a pair of eyes if you buy the pack :)   It’s been a while since I blogged an Al Vulo skin but this skin is definately worth a try! <3

Hair:  Megumi – Wasabi Pills for FAIR (MissAllSunday Lemon)
Skin: Livia (Fairy) – Al Vulo *NEW (Hlin Bluebird)
Eyes: Horizon pale verdigris – IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Top: My first shirt (white) – Monso (Morphine Janick)
Poses: Everglow  (Fanny Willis)

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