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Just a quick post today because I felt the need to show off the brand new Ilena sandals from Slink! They’re actually an add-on to my all time favorite mesh feet! So  you’ll need to grab the feet first. They come in tons of colors and yes I own them all! :)  So you’ll surely be seeing me blog them lots this summer!  Other than that some more new cuteness from TokiDoki, Donna Flora and Truth! <3

Hair: Roma (carob) – Truth *NEW (Truth Hawks)
Skin: Lily v1 (coming soon) – Belleza (Tricky Boucher)
Eyes: Horizon light brown – IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Earrings: Harlow set – Donna Flora *NEW (Squinternet Larnia)
Blazer:  Naoko jacket (zigzag) – TokiDoki *NEW (Maya Levane)
Dress: Inurita dress (yello) – TokiDoki *NEW (Maya Levane)
Sandals: Ilena sandals (gold) – Slink *NEW (Siddean Munro)
Feet: Mesh bare feet – Slink (needed to wear the sandals) 
Pose: Shoes 6 – Wetcat (wetcat Flux)

Location: Izzie’s Mainstore 



My post for Luna’s 52 weeks of colors is a bit later than usual because I last minute decided not to use the pictures I was working on.  So here’s my Cobalt, better late than never!

 The lingerie from *Boom* comes in tons of colors and I think it’s both cute and sexy! :)

Don’t let this last pic freak you out to much. In my hand I’m holding one of the pictures I was planning to use for this blogpost. It’s a crappy pic but since I spend many hours working on it I figured it would at least deserve a little showing after all 😉

Hair: Jodie (mesh) – Truth *NEW (Truth Hawks)
Skin: Lily v1 – Belleza *SOON (Tricky Boucher)
Eyes: Horizon pale brown – IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Extra freckles: Fullbody layer – PXL (Hart Larsson)
Necklace: 50’s pearl necklace (blue) – Izzie’s *NEW (Izzie Button)
Lingerie: Comfy womfy (cobalt) – *Boom* (Aranel Ah)
Feet: Mesh bare feet – Slink (Siddean Munro)
Nails: Glitter nails prim – Pixel Mode (Tya Fallingbridge)
Poses: Diva & Summer crash series – LostAngels industries(Evangeline Cortes)

House: Absencen – Scarlet Creative*NEW (Charlotte Bartlett)
Chair: part of Amelie livingroom – Lisp (Pandora Poststar)
Rug: part of Amelie livingroom – Lisp (Pandora Popstar)
Cat: prim cat – *SHOP SEU* (Seu Ahn)
Loveletters & photographs: part of Grandma desk set – Second Spaces (ellekirshner)
Stacked photobooks:  part of Grandma desk set – Second Spaces (ellekirshner)
Stacked books + coffeecup:  part of Single bed set Haylee – Sway’s (Sway Dench)

I have to learn, have to try, have to trust I have to cry

I have to learn, have to try, have to trust I have to cry

Today’s post is  inspired by one of my favorite Krezip songs.  I actually own an outfit very simular like this one in RL so it just suits my style. The sweater was a very early birthday present (my birthday isn’t untill august) and it’s in many ways very very special to me.  So you may see me wear it more often :)

I love how we can use our pictures to express our moods and feelings in our own ways. It’s really like therapy to me.

So on the look…
Many new releases these past weeks from TokiDoki! The wonderful Maya Levane is working hard to bring us many new summer items! And I for one, am NOT complaining! :) Keep them coming Maya! <3

The skin you see me wearing is a special edition of Kate by PXL and you can only get it now at the Skin Addiction Showcase! The skin comes with 3 eyemake-ups & 3 lipsticks that you can mix & match to your own likings. They all have a summer theme!  Be sure to check out the Skin Addiction Showcase and grab a demo of Kate :)

Taxi to Skin Addiction Showcase:

Hair: Anais mesh (gingerbread) – Wasabi Pills *NEW (MissAllSunday Lemon)
Skin: Kate SK (Poppy eyes + Strawberry lips) – PXL *NEW (Hart Larsson) –> S.A.S.
Eyes: Horizon light brown – IKON (Ikon Innovia)
Top 1: Floral dolly top (red) – C’est la vie *NEW (Larcoco Mathy)
Top 2: AVA sweater (white) – Chemistry *NEW  (Kimberlee Miles)
Pants: Rolled chinos (mesh) – TokiDoki *NEW (Maya Levane)
Shoes:  Queen boots (mesh) – TokiDoki *NEW (Maya Levane)
Bracelets: Wanderer  (wood medley) – League (Nena Janus)
Bag: Traveling bag cocoa (mesh) – TokiDoki *NEW (Maya Levane)
Poses:  Various new sets – Label Motion *NEW (anne Dakun)

Location:  Drobak (all new and pretty :) )

Today’s Soundtrack: Krezip – I would stay

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